As a marketer or business owner, you must always find new marketing ways and ideas to promote your project in order to extract yourself from the vicious, overly competitive conventional marketing circle, in addition to diversifying the marketing tools and mediums for your project.

In this article, we will introduce a list of new, innovative, and unique marketing ideas with examples explaining how to apply them to your project.

1. Marketing via TikTok platform:

TikTok platform allows you to transform your ingenious marketing ideas into short videos of 15-60 seconds each. For example, if your business is an online store for selling products, you can film a video while making the products for clients and then publish them on your profile.

An example that reveals the power and impact of the TikTok platform in our region is Chef Burak, a Turkish Chef famous for making short creative videos while cooking. He now has about 38 million followers on TikTok and millions of views. His followers come from all around the world to visit his restaurant known as “Hatay Civilizations Table”.

2. Marketing with offering sales coupons:

Some companies use smart methods of marketing to help raise their sales. Marketing through sales coupons strategy is one of these methods. What distinguishes this strategy is that it is attractive to a wide variety of possible clients interested in saving some money. It also encourages them to buy more products.

Furthermore, marketing through coupons helps in overcoming competition. For example, if you have some products over which the market competition is very fierce, you can offer possible clients coupons for these products to provide a competitive advantage for the audience, thus encouraging them to buy your product.

3. “Guerrilla” Marketing:

If you are searching for new and innovative marketing methods which do not cost a lot, Guerrilla Marketing, also known as “Creative Marketing”, is the way to go. This method relies on adding a certain factor for attracting the targeted audience in creative ways, while setting aside a humble marketing budget to accomplish a significant impact.

This method can be applied in various efficient ways. For instance, you can offer free samples of your new products for the audience to try, but in a clever way. Like in one of Coca-Cola’s marketing campaigns when they offered free drinks to any person who would hug the Coca-Cola fridge, sending a message that links feelings of happiness with its products.

4. Using Audio Search:

Of late, interest in audio search has increased, also known as “Voice Match”, due to people increasingly depending on audio instead of typing in search engines.

In fact, a great number of Voice Match users are possible clients of a product or a service. For example, their questions are usually the type asking for the nearest Pizza place, or a nearby perfume and beauty products shop, or a nearby electronics shop.

Most of these inquiries carry a high conversion rate, which means that the person asking is most likely ready and prepared to purchase the product or service they are looking for. However, the most important question remains: “how do you configure your blog or site for voice search users in search engines so that your potential customers can find you?”

Simply, you provide “keywords” as primary questions. For instance, phrases starting with “where”, “what”, “how”, etc. Because a huge number of Voice Match users start their search with a question. You can also focus on long keywords, since Voice Match users tend to use longer phrases such as “nearby vintage perfume shop.”

5. Podcast:

A podcast, or audio log, is a personal radio program that provides a series that usually revolves around a certain topic. The “podcaster” speaks by himself or hosts influencers in the field, and people who are interested in this field listen to it. Lately, people around the world are showing more interest in podcasts.

6. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing, or also known as celebrity marketing, means seeking the help of people who influence a specific segment of the target audience and agreeing with them to promote products or services of a specific brand to the public and followers, in return for a fee to be agreed upon.

Influencer Marketing is dependent on influencers over a variety of platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several others. However, in the beginning, you must identify the purpose you want to achieve from utilizing Influencer Marketing.

7. Integrated Marketing between companies:

Integrated Marketing between companies, also known as joint marketing, means the agreement between two or more companies to form marketing alliances between them, provided that the products are complementary and not compete with each other. The goal is to reach a new type of interested customer, and thus each company benefits from promoting itself to the audience of the other company.

But how do you choose the best company to integrate with? There are, in fact, several ways to do that. You must ask yourself some questions first. For example, does this company have a similar audience to yours and wants to grow? How many possible clients are expected to be influenced by this integration? Does the company have a good brand? And similar other questions.

After choosing the company, you need to define the integrated content in accordance with the company’s objective, you can apply some common marketing ideas. For instance, an e-book, preparing a shared event online, or an Ad to promote some shared comprehensive products such as an Ad between two stores which offer complementary products, like perfumes and beauty products, or fresh drinks and fried chicken meals, etc.