Intensive Certification Programs

10 days of professional training in only 6 days

The certification program has been prepared to provide training and learning professionals with a method proving their high value in front of decision-makers, and to be more confident with their knowledge and skills in the training field. Instead of attending each course separately, you can attend this comprehensive program that saves a lot of time and travel and transport costs. Moreover, each program has been designed using the best professional design techniques in order to increase their learning value under the supervision of the best designers in “ILLAFTrain of Trainers”.

You will receive in each program:

  • The course’s manual including the visual material, checklists, job-aids and other necessary things.
  • An action plan that helps you transfer what you have learned directly to your workplace.
  • Free telephone support: if you need advice or assistance to take a decision, or to consult a professional to discuss your ideas with him: just contact us.
  • A face-to-face interview with the program trainer to discuss with him your future projects and the challenges facing you.
  • A personal account in ILLAFTrain of Trainers: through which you can download all the work papers, checklists and flyers related to the programs, in the Microsoft Word format.
  • The right to membership in ILLAFTrain (see the requirements), which includes many features.

You can choose one of the following programs, which meets the professional developmental objectives you want:

Duration in Days
Duration in Hours
Trainee Presentations
AL. Techniques
Theoretical Material Sent before the Program
The Minimum Degree to Pass
Improvised Presentations

Specialization Certificate

Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)

Certified Master Trainer DIPLOMA (CMT)

Certified Expert Trainer DIPLOMA (CET)

Certified Consultant Trainer (CCT)

6 12 21 30 42
55 110 190 270 380
Dep. 10 20 30 40
50 100 150 200 250
35 100 200 300 400
75% 75% 80% 85% 90%
Dep. 1 3 5 7