When the pandemic brought the world to a standstill, no coach imagined that getting online coaching clients could be so easy, and this is a great example of how much transformation humans can make, all within a year.

Attracting the right online coaching clients and offering your services to them is now easier than ever, and coaching still retains the same impact it used to have in face-to-face meetings.

In this article, we will cover five simple steps to start building the best process for getting online coaching clients and work with them to increase impact:

1. Understand what the market needs:

Think about the market and the product before you do anything else. These two elements determine if your product is in demand in the market, that is, among your target audience.

Does what you offer now matter? Will your audience get the most from your product? Being mindful of what the market really wants helps you maintain your popularity in the market and get online coaching clients.

2. Accuracy in determining width:

Saying "I'm a life coach" will not be well understood because it is a loose term and may confuse your clients. Someone might be looking for something more specific, such as: a life coach that focuses on changing mindsets, or a life coach that helps achieve success in overtime.

Understanding these nuances and crafting your offer the right way helps you target the right audience and actually meet their needs, so be specific about the problems you want to solve and the ambitions you want to tackle in order to help your target audience interact with you better.

3. Determine the means to start the discussion:

In the current situation, discussion-initiating means, such as events and meetings may not be the best way forward, or the most convenient for everyone. This is where the convenience of social media comes in, so take advantage of social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok to start discussions that fit the mood of each of these platforms.

Identify the social media platforms that are right for you and your business, then use your content, strategies, stories, and experiences to add value to your audience. This is an important basic step for you to start gaining an audience of desirable online coaching clients.

4. Identify the people who interact with you:

You will have some active followers and acquaintances from your audience, who will passionately interact with your content, so stay active and always interact with them.

Identifying the group of people who actively interact with you will help you continue the discussion with them, and this may end up getting you a coaching session. The more they interact with you, the more interested they are in understanding whether you are the right solution provider for them. So, stay connected, active, and mindful of what's happening on the social media you use.

5. Communication and presentation:

This step is the most important for you so far. Once you've identified people from your audience, it's time to connect and start a discussion with them.

This discussion includes steps such as:

  • Check if they are actually looking for a coach.
  • Understand if their ambition or challenge is high enough to receive coaching sessions.
  • Ascertain if they can afford the costs of working with a coach.

This conversation will also include introducing something. Not making an actual offer during the discussion is a major reason why most coaches fail to get online coaching clients, so don't be shy about making an offer and think of it as offering an opportunity to turn and get a bigger chance.