The availability of free courses and training made it easier to learn any craft or language skill, or even a part of science, without the need to book overly expensive appointments which might not be not be fitting you financially. However, you need to be serious and have a true desire to learn.

Starting a small business now needs knowledge and awareness of the vast world of marketing, especially e-marketing. Every business wants to be known through marketing methods based on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You must enhance your knowledge in your field of business, be acquainted with other schools of marketing, and be aware of marketing methods appropriate for the service or product you provide. This means that you need marketing courses and training. And in order for time and money not to become an issue, there are a few free courses which might be helpful.

1. Content Marketing:

“HubSpot Academy” provides a course about marketing, introducing the proper marketing content. It is available for free on the website, in the form of videos. The course consists of 12 videos provided by e-marketing experts. Each video is followed by a test to ensure you understand and complete each level.

The course is about 5 hours long, and made for beginners. You only need to have a basic knowledge of marketing content-writing and how to utilize it and promote it appropriately. You can enlist for training from Free Content Marketing Course.

2. Google Academy for Ads:

One of the best advantages of Google Search Engine is providing a set of free training courses which will put you on the path towards e-marketing. Through the training provided by Google Academy for Education, you will be familiarized with AdWords, VideoAds, and other topics related to online Ads appropriate for your field of business.

Google Academy is available for training on Academy For Ads.

3. SEO Udemy:

Udemy Academy offers a set of free training courses available online and through which you can learn and be introduced to several fields. However, in the field of e-marketing, it is important to be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your business site appear naturally in Google Search by recognizing the keywords people use when they search for a specific subject.

Knowledge of SEO allows you to enhance your own business until the proper user comes searching for what you have to offer. Thus, you can make use of it on SEO Training Course.

4. Instagram Stories:

You can use the Instagram app in your business to reach a wide fan base. However, you must learn how to properly use the application, and what features are profitable for you. Thus, you can learn how to use Instagram Stories as an efficient marketing tool which might increase visitors to your business site.

With Instagram stories training, you will be introduced to what you must use, how to use it, and how much it enhances your business marketing strategy.

5. Social Media:

It is a training course based on one of the most important e-marketing tools; social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. This course focuses on the introducing these platforms and acquainting the trainee with how to utilize them in promoting project and building a base of followers.

The course consists of 97 detailed videos, and are accessible through Social Marketing Course.