About “ILLAFTrain of Trainers”

ILLAFTrain was established in 1996, and it is an independent professional institution that offers the training solutions necessary to meet the needs of learners wherever they are. Since that date, ILLAFTrain expanded through the establishment of many joining companies such as Annajah net in 2003, “Professional Trainers” in 2007, the “Dubai Accelerated Learning Center” in 2008, the “Education and Training Encyclopedia” in 2009 and “ILLAFTrain Certified Trainer” in 2006, which has been developed to become in 2012 “ILLAFTrain of Trainers”.


Vision: To maintain our position as the largest institution that provides training courses for trainers in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mission: To enhance the professionalism of trainers, including their quality and credibility, through our cooperation with them on mastering their skills and knowledge at the highest level for the success of their business.


“ILLAFTrain of Trainers” provides the courses, products and solutions for those working in the field of training in various specializations, in addition to training services to the non-trainers. All of this occurred due to our distinctive clients, because they contributed to the success of “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” in achieving the rank of the biggest institution in the training of trainers in the Middle East and North Africa, and we have launched this label with confidence on many courses that are being scheduled and implemented annually, based on a great number of our esteemed clients, and based on the greatest diversity of trainers’ courses that we offer and on the messages expressed by our clients about our institution.


“ILLAFTrain of Trainers” thrived for several reasons, first: the quality standards that we adopt in our customer service and the attempt at complete honesty in it. Second: the commitment of our trainers to provide exceptional services that exceed expectations, and third: that we are proud to provide practical courses reflecting the reality based on skills, performance and results. Finally: when you attend our courses, you will feel joy as you sense the spirit of Accelerated Learning penetrating your depths.

The major benefits obtained by companies when dealing with trainers holding “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” certifications
  • Achieving the company’s objectives: the trainers holding “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” certifications possess a deep understanding of the theories that underpin successful practices, and know exactly how to help employees to implement them to obtain the results that the company aims for.
  • The company’s growth and the increase of its profits: the effective training leads to a clear improvement in the company’s performance, which results in a significant growth in it, leading to an increase of the company’s profits.
  • A precise skills’ assessment: “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” provides your company with standard indicators through which you can distinguish among trainers, and then you will have the capacity to assess the advanced trainers and choose the most appropriate of them.
  • Commitment of employees to excellence: the training organizers in your company will receive a professional development indicator and a global method to prove their high value. Moreover, the employees who will receive the training will enhance the skills necessary to distinguish them.
  • The continuous learning community: the employees will be able to access programs, valuable learning contents and great opportunities for learning, on the Web through “ILLAFTrain of Trainers”, therefore the best understanding of the successful practices in the training field will guide your company’s objectives towards the achievement of your biggest objectives.
  • Increasing the employees’ satisfaction: the right investment in the employees’ development in your company will show your commitment towards them, make them and the training organizers feel their high value and then they will commit, for their part, towards the company.
  • Increasing the shareholders’ confidence: the executive directors can be strongly confident that the trainers holding “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” certifications possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the best effective training programs.
  • Excellence: “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” enables the companies and trainers to maintain high professional standards, and even enables them to distinguish themselves and distinguish their training programs. Moreover, “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” standards are considered the most prestigious and the most capable of achieving results in the field of training and human resources development.

Therefore, when the companies think about distinguishing training and learning in the workplace, they directly think of “ILLAFTrain of Trainers”.

With “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” you are with the best that serve you

We have had the honor to provide our courses in most of the Arab world, in particular in the Middle East: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the Sultanate of Oman, in addition to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria and Morocco. Moreover, we have received participants from all the Arab countries without exception, who came for one reason, their desire to “succeed in their business and life”, which increased our responsibility towards pursuing the development of our services to provide you the high-quality services that you, and the training professionals in the Arab world, expect to receive from “ILLAFTrain of Trainers”.

Our courses’ schedule, date and location are introduced in most of the major cities in the Arab world, this is what makes it easy to choose the courses closest to where you live, however the courses offered to companies may be scheduled anywhere the client wants inside or outside the Arab world.

What this means to you?

We have received from our clients many messages stating that they have achieved important successes in terms of their business, due to the knowledge and skills they acquired during their attendance at our courses, and we in our turn tell you: that you will receive more than you expect, especially with regard to your excellence in the training field… we are truly waiting to see you soon.

The way we work

We in “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” think that the most useful elements in our courses are the many opportunities available to you to train to acquire new skills, and benefit from the advice of your colleagues and trainer in the course. In fact, our courses are characterized by frequent group exercises, where the trainer time does not exceed 30% of the course duration, and the rest is completely dedicated to you so you can discover the solutions and master the skills in a better way.

We use the most recent theories in learning including “Accelerated Learning”, therefore, expect a program full of energy, interaction and participation in addition to a very rich content full of training games, checklists, questionnaires, learning cases …and training secrets.

In short, we focus on the fact that: “what the learners say and do is more important than what the teachers say and do.” We will not try to impress you by our distinctive skills, rather we want to impress you by the skills you acquire at the end of your attendance at our courses.

Our courses’ materials

The studies confirmed that the non-use of new materials by the learner within thirty days of the course will lead to him forgetting more than 90% of them, and to help you to maintain the new skills as long as possible, we will provide you with manuals you can always and easily refer to after the course.

Moreover, we focus on practical and smooth materials that reflect reality, where they can be applied directly after your return from the course. In fact, our courses focus on performance and direct implementation because they provide procedures that can be adopted gradually in addition to the necessary visual background.


100% of “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” courses are specialized courses for training professionals. We constantly develop our courses based on our clients’ suggestions and recommendations; in fact, our goal is to keep our courses the most recent and developed, reflecting the situation of the training market and meeting its needs and to be fun as possible. Moreover, we use motivational techniques in our courses that you can practice in your courses, in your own settings.

Indeed, our courses require some work from your part, but be sure that “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” courses are full of life, fun and pleasure.