Certification Programs

The Certification Programs in “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” provides you with the tools necessary for you to be very distinctive in your field of training and human resources development, and make the companies and decision-makers know that you possess real experiences that help to develop the current work environment. “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” grants you the capacity, credibility and confidence to become a worldwide performance contributor in your company and the training world.

Moreover, “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” provides five levels of certification to professional trainers, and these levels require the attendance of the most attended and distinctive training courses in the training sector.

Join now more than 1000 trainers that obtained the highest certifications in the training career.

Specialization Certificate
Certified Professional Trainer
Certified Master Trainer DIPLOMA
Certified Expert Trainer DIPLOMA
Certified Consulting Trainer DIPLOMA