The course’s matrix

ILLAFTrain of Trainers provides certified certificates in five different training specializations, and you can start as follows:

  • Determine at first the specialization that you think corresponds to you, or the one you want to master it (i.e.: training designer, or training manager …).
  • Choose the courses you want to attend from the specialization column you chose, according to the following table:
  • Attend each course you chose, depending on the location and date that correspond to you.

If you need some help or guidelines in order to take the most effective decision, please contact us by email.

Intensive Programs ***
Specialization Areas
Specialization Areas
Intensive Programs
10 20 35 50 70
6 12 21 30 42



Mandatory: Please communicate with Customer Service.

*This course is mandatory in this track.

**You may choose one Intensive program of six days from the following programs: Certified Training Designer, Certified Trainer, Certified Training Manager, Certified Performance Consultant, and Certified Speaker.

***(X) in this table does not mean separate courses, but means that: the courses with (X) will be delivered in one intensive program (the Certified Professional Trainer’s intensive program for example includes all the short courses referred to by (X) located in the same column).