Questions and answers – Certificates

How can we compare between “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” certificates with university certificates and diplomas? Are your certificates certified? From where did the credibility and certification of “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” come?

We offer a wider variety of courses and programs specialized in the field of Train of Trainers, and a larger specialized team of full-time high-level experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Moreover, we provide a large number of specialized Train of Trainers’ courses that are being scheduled and implemented annually. More than 1000 trainers from most of the Arab world have been trained and certified, in addition to a decade and a half of experience and development… This is what grants “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” its credibility and certification, and this is what makes “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” the biggest institution in train of trainers in the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, ILLAFTrain of Trainers is considered a highly meritorious certified institution.

I came across the courses’ matrix, and saw many courses in each column; do I need to attend them all in order to get a specialization certificate for the first certification level (Certified Trainer, Certified Training Designer, Certified Training Manager, Certified Speaker and Certified Performance Consultant)?

You only need to attend a total of ten training days, where you can choose any of the courses in the column (Specialization) and attend the mandatory courses with (*) sign.

How many days should I attend to obtain the Certificate of a Certified Professional Trainer and the Certificate of a Certified Master Trainer?

To attend short courses, you need a total of 20 training days in order to obtain the Certificate of a Certified Professional Trainer, and 35 training days in order to obtain the Certificate of a Certified Master Trainer… moreover, you can attend them both in one course, you can return to the Intensive Programs page.

Is it possible to obtain a certificate without attending the courses?

The certificates are granted according to the face-to-face attendance only, and after passing the necessary tests.

If I have attended a course of two days, and I want now to attend an intensive course including the same course I have attended previously, there will be a repetition, is it true? What is the solution?

This is true to some extent. This is why it is better to study your choice before joining any of our courses. Anyway, when this occurs, we recommend that you contact us and we will find the best solution.

Are there any tests I should pass before obtaining the certified certificate?

For the separate short courses no, only when the number of days required to obtain the certificate end will you obtain it.

In order to obtain the first-level certification I should attend a total of ten training days in separate courses, and at the same time I obtain the same certification by attending an intensive program of six days, how can this be?

It is very simple; the course of six continuous training days covers most of the materials that you would cover if you attended it separately.