Market Yourself as a Trainer

Course Code MYT

Duration 2 Days / 16 Hours

Fees 990 $


This program provides you with the essential factors to market your training name, and help you gradually to plan for expansion in the general programs and to know how to enter the companies’ world to practice training; and all of this through the proven steps in planning, implementation and entering the social communications networks and the Internet, in addition to know how to enter the training relations’ networks.

Who is this program for?

For new trainers and expert trainers who want to spread their training names as a brand.

Program’s objectives

At the end of this training program, each trainer will be able to:

Necessary Basics

  1. Recognize factors which make the consultant a great person
  2. Discover the challenges the consultant will face
  3. Describe where he/she is when it comes to an emergency
  4. Discover the importance of planning and its steps


  1. Determine the consulting field to specialize in
  2. Recognize the most lucrative fields of consulting
  3. Determine the geographical areas to work in
  4. Decide how much he wants to make annually
  5. Recognize various types of available pricing structure
  6. Think about how to price in order to bring value to the work
  7. Prepare a pricing plan
  8. Recognize essential principles of planning
  9. Create a unique promotional mix
  10. Write marketing goals
  11. Apply SOWT
  12. Create a vision and mission as a consultant


  1. Build credibility as a consultant
  2. Answer the six questions about preparing for consulting services marketing
  3. Set up a multi-step plan for a marketing campaign
  4. Understand clients’ purchasing factors
  5. Understand the four elements the marketing materials should have
  6. Determine potential marketing consultancy services
  7. Understand the harm of not spending money on marketing strategies
  8. Understand three ways to increase consultancy sales
  9. Understand the critical things to offer an effective price
  10. Take advantage of social media in marketing
  11. Establish a bright personal brand online


  1. Create an important & distinctive strategic plan
  2. Determine the top ten time-wasting mistakes
  3. Understand the 4 strategies to avoid symptoms of consultancy building syndrome
  4. Apply physical health plan.
  5. Determine and work on opportunities
  6. Understand the five steps for dealing with customer challenges
  7. Prepare monthly and weekly calendar
  8. Improve own self-capabilities in weekly manner


What You Will Learn?


The importance of planning and its steps.

What is most important to you?

The time matrix.

The important tips to enter the public training market.

The tools of entering the companies’ training market.

Marketing the training and the promotional mix.

SOWT and the market analysis.

The three essential factors for the trainer’s success.

How to build your brand.



Creating your vision and mission as a trainer.

Determining the field in which you will train.

Determining the training course or courses that you will deliver.

Determining the geographical zone in which you want to spread.

How to enter the companies’ training world.

Determining your training fees.

Writing your marketing objectives.

How to promote yourself before, during and after the course.

Establishing the marketing plan for the three coming years.



Establishing a policy for the relationship with trainees.

Building your credibility as a trainer (before, during and after the course).

The training contracts’ components.

The exclusive training contracts: their types, features and disadvantages.

Dealing with the training companies.

The benefits of free or associative training, and its disadvantages.

How to take advantage of social communication networks in marketing.

How to create and document a training history that befits you.

How to contribute to increasing the knowledge content of the training industry from the articles and videos on the Internet.

The certifications and certificates, including their pros and cons.



Conducting the monthly and weekly evaluation.

Modifying the plan based on the evaluation results.

Reviewing the continuous development planning so that you stay in the market.

How to build yourself weekly.

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