Market Yourself as a Consultant

Course Code MYC

Duration 4 Days / 32 Hours

Fees 1990 $


There are a lot of professionals who are trying hard to become successful consultants for whom getting clients on an ongoing basis and obtaining a high income is a real challenge. This program provides you with the basic marketing factors to elevate your name in the field. It also helps you step by step to plan for deployment and to engage in the corporate world. All of this is done through proven steps in planning and implementation, using social networks and the Internet, and showing you how to enter consulting relations networks.

Who is this program for?

This course is for new consultants and experts who want to spread their names and make them a distinctive brand.

Program’s objectives

At the end of this training program each trainee will be able to:

Necessary Basics

  1. Recognize factors which make the consultant a great person
  2. Discover the challenges the consultant will face
  3. Describe where he/she is when it comes to an emergency
  4. Discover the importance of planning and its steps


  1. Determine the consulting field to specialize in
  2. Recognize the most lucrative fields of consulting
  3. Determine the geographical areas to work in
  4. Decide how much he wants to make annually
  5. Recognize various types of available pricing structure
  6. Think about how to price in order to bring value to the work
  7. Prepare a pricing plan
  8. Recognize essential principles of planning
  9. Create a unique promotional mix
  10. Write marketing goals
  11. Apply SOWT.
  12. Create a vision and mission as a consultant


  1. Build credibility as a consultant
  2. Answer the six questions about preparing for consulting services marketing
  3. Set up a multi-step plan for a marketing campaign
  4. Understand clients’ purchasing factors
  5. Understand the four elements the marketing materials should have
  6. Determine potential marketing consultancy services
  7. Understand the harm of not spending money on marketing strategies
  8. Understand three ways to increase consultancy sales
  9. Understand the critical things to offer an effective price
  10. Take advantage of social media in marketing
  11. Establish a bright personal brand online


  1. Create an important & distinctive strategic plan
  2. Determine the top ten time-wasting mistakes
  3. Understand the 4 strategies to avoid symptoms of consultancy building syndrome
  4. Apply physical health plan.
  5. Determine and work on opportunities
  6. Understand the five steps for dealing with customer challenges
  7. Prepare monthly and weekly calendar
  8. Improve own self-capabilities in weekly manner

What You Will Learn?

Necessary Basics

3 factors that make the consultant a great person

4 challenges the consultant faces

What is most important for you?

Where are you when it comes to an emergency?

The importance of planning and its steps.

Models of corporations’ messages



How to determine the consulting field to specialize in?

The most lucrative fields of consulting

How to determine the geographical area?

How to determine consulting wages?

The essential factors that play a large role in determining daily wages.

What is the pricing structure one should use?

Justifying fees through value

How consultants can get very rich?


Marketing the provision of consultancy

Marketing Mix and promotional mix

Influencing factors in choosing a promotional mix

Promotion functions and goals

8 reasons to prepare the marketing plan

Essential elements of the marketing plan

SWOT Analysis

7 problems facing the marketing plan

How to write marketing goals?



4 points to build credibility.

6 questions to know how to prepare for consulting services marketing.

How to plan for multiple steps marketing campaign?

The four things that should be contained in the marketing materials.

The harm of not spending money on marketing strategies

Three ways to increase consultancy sales

8 critical things when it comes to offering an effective price

Small things that add a lot

How to deal with customer problems?

When and how to get rid of clients?

The power and impact of progress reports

How to deal with consultancy organizations?

How to build a bright personal brand online?



How to create an important & distinctive strategic plan?

Top ten time-wasting mistakes

4 strategies to avoid symptoms of consultancy building syndrome

How to determine and work on opportunities?

5 steps for dealing with challenges with customers

How to prepare a monthly and weekly calendar?

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