Essential Skills For Training Manager

Course Code TOM1

Duration 3 Days / 24 Hours

Fees 1390 $


This program considers the arena of human development, to prepare the training managers to be effective producers through their work results, in addition to developing the skills of the training manager who aims to develop the policies and procedures necessary to ensure the suitability between the initiatives, learning interventions and work needs, the support from the senior executives, providing efficient and effective administration, linking learning to a measurable tool and expanding the scope of what is provided by the post-training department in official classrooms.

Who is this program for?

For any responsible person in training management, and it is not important that the person be an expert in training to attend this program.

Program’s objectives

  1. Distinguish the training function objective within a changing organizational environment.
  2. Develop consulting skills, including an accurate understanding of business issues.
  3. Determine the most appropriate learning techniques that provide business return.
  4. Use a ten-step model to ensure the introduction of learning within the business.
  5. Determine the appropriate learning techniques.
  6. Create an environment for efficient learning.
  7. Develop the coaching and influencing skills.
  8. Determine the different orientations in training and development.
  9. Verify the effectiveness of learning activities and training techniques.


What You Will Learn?

Strategic Partnership

Business strategy, organizational development strategy and human resources development strategy.

Five factors of management strategies.

Derivation of learning objectives from business objectives.

Frameworks capabilities.

Arranging the priorities and providing the resources.

Gaining the support of senior management.



The Need for a Total System

The transition from vision to evaluation.

The ten-step model.

Developing an organized learning plan.

Analyzing the issues and creating solutions.


A Flexible Method for Identifying Training Needs

The needs of companies, the management and the team, in addition to individual needs.

Managing change, leadership and performance.

Providing flexibility in the processes of determining training needs.

Finding efficient and appropriate solutions for interventions.

Analyzing the issues and creating solutions.


Measuring Performance and Improvement

The design initiatives.

The communications channels.

The self-growth knowledge system.

Evaluation the human resources department function.

The basic performance indicators.

Verifying the validity of interventions.

Evaluation and return on investment.


Human Resources Development Manager

The management performance principles.

Determining the objectives, measuring the performance and providing feedback.

Critical thinking, finding solutions and taking decisions.

The role of leadership in human resources development.

Analyzing the issues and creating solutions.

Gaining the support of the executive managers.


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