Consultant Skills for Trainers

Course Code TOC1

Duration 3 Days / 24 Hours

Fees 1390 $


This program focuses on all the necessary skills and techniques for consultants. It includes tests to learn the technique of facing difficult situations, and the need to build influential strategies in the administrative cases. The program also includes exercises on critical skills that improve confidence.

Who is this program for?

This program is for employees in the human resources department, as well as the consulting trainers who are required to act in a consulting capacity, either with the customers and external clients or with the companies in which they work.

Program’s objectives

At the end of this Training Program each Trainee will be able to:

  1. Recognize Factors which make the Consultant a Great Person
  2. Discover Challenges the Consultant will Face
  3. Determine the Consulting field to Specialize in
  4. Determine the Consultancy Skills the Consultant needs
  5. Evaluate your Consulting Efficiency
  6. Determine Consultant Skills and Knowledges
  7. Recognize Consulting Models
  8. Use The ITOT’s-D Consulting Model™
  9. Compare between 5 Consulting Models
  10. Determine when to start
  11. Determine how to Build and Sustain Rapport with Client
  12. Determine if the Client is ready or not
  13. Plan for Contract Meeting to decide starting point with Client
  14. Recognize various types of Pricing Structure
  15. Recognize Data Collection Standards
  16. Choose suitable Data Collection Method for your project
  17. Set up Exploratory Meeting with Client
  18. Make an effective Interview
  19. Determine the Factors influencing Work Performance
  20. Conduct an Affective Meeting to Evaluate Feedback
  21. Conduct Commitment Meeting to determine next Steps
  22. Design and apply Solution in effective way
  23. Determine Goals & Strategies
  24. Progress Monitoring
  25. Apply Final Check
  26. Conduct Debriefing Meeting
  27. Evaluate Consulting Services
  28. Create Important & Distinctive Strategic Plan

What You Will Learn?

Basic Introduction

3 factors that make the consultant a great person

4 challenges the consultant faces

How to determine the consulting field to specialize in?

Consultancy skills the consultant needs

How to evaluate your consultancy skills?

ITOT’s-5D Consulting Model

The ITOT Competency Model ™

Comparison between 5 consulting models

Who is the client?


Entry and Contract

How to build consulting credibility

How to build and sustain rapport with clients

Client & organization readiness standards

What pricing structure should be used


Needs Analysis

7 data collection standards

How to set up an exploratory meeting

5 guidelines to ask effective questions

How to reformulate & summarize the content


Feedback AND Decide

How to determine causes of client performance defects?

7 factors that affect work performance

7 techniques to check the accuracy of analysis

How to deal with sensitive information

25 signs of resistance & discomfort


Design and Implementation

How to effectively use teams to design solutions

4 steps to implement solutions

How to ask essential questions for final check?

7 steps to document recommendations

6 guidelines to present recommendations



How to prepare for a debriefing meeting

How to monitor progress in 7 steps

5 tools for consulting services evaluation

How to create a strategic plan that makes you important to clients and distinguishes you among competitors

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